Just Unique Creations


If You Are Looking For Customized And Unique Handcrafts Then You Are At The Right Place

Our Products

Our Products

Unique Manly Handcrafts

All Types of Quality Axes, Knives, Lockets, Rings, Swords and Many Other Things

Couple Rings

Stunning Couple Rings come in Damascus Steel

Chef Knives

All types of Chef Knives come in Damascus Steel and D2 Steel

Dagger Knives

Range and variety of knives can be fully customized


Wide range of swords available that come in Damascus Steel 

Just Unique Creations

Our products are carefully and skillfully crafted by our people, that is proof of our uniqueness and commitment to our valueable customers

Work With Us

Work With Us

If you want to design any product according to your needs, just mail us your requirements. We will design products limited only to your imagination.

Hi, I am Adil, a craftsman, each and every product goes through my hands and honestly you guys will love all the collection. There is no way to replicate our product designs with such little money… it is like having a whole art department working for you but within the budget of a college student.

Adil Hanif

Founder, Uniqueya

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